The power to maintain the mental health of the child

As a parent, you want to help form a child who can sail alone wade through the river of life one day. Does this mean your job is to eliminate any and all disappointments, challenges and obstacles? Certainly not. You need to teach your child to have confidence and self-control to deal with and overcome problems, without the need for stress, without panic, and without scolding others who cannot fulfill your child’s desires. maintaining the mental health of the child is the key. You can also invite your child to follow to get peace of soul and clear mind.

Remember that real satisfaction comes from successfully facing the right challenge in a non-stressful situation. The real achievement of what he achieved, is happiness. The best way is to put him in a situation that is appropriate to his age and support him to follow his instinct signals to blame. Your job; give the map as a stock if he gets lost.