House Paint Color Combination

Have you ever bought a new house, but you have to repaint on the part of the house? If so, the situation may be you do because the paint color of the house is not in accordance with your wishes. Or it could be, you want to be different. You can visit and we will help you paint your home.

The gray color is a neutral color that shows the side of tranquility in thinking. While the negative side generated from the color gray, among others: boring, sadness, and despair. For that, the recommended gray color combined with mahogany color. Basically, the color of mahogany is a black color with a reddish sparkle, so that at first glance the eyes look like a brown color. Both colors are considered appropriately combined, in order to create two complementary natural atmospheres. The gray color is quite tends against the sky, and the color of mahogany gives the earth element.